Some notes to Blowper
(added as response to viewers who have trouble with the German)

nöm                                          This, of course, is not a German word at all, but merely a play on North German
                                               pronunciation of long
ö.  It sounds like the a in "name," except with the lips tightly
                                                puckered as for
This is the vowel which professors like to hear in Goethe's name (nöm).  

Reichsmark                       The gold piece which was the standard monetary unit of the Prussian Empire
                                             established by Otto von Bismark, prime minister appointed in 1862 by Emperor
                                             Wilhelm I.  Some of his accomplishments are sketched in above, especially the defeat
                                             of the French in 1871.

Professoren                   These two terms need only the remark that German professors enjoy the prestige
National-Litteratur         accorded,  say, our federal judges, and that they tend therefore to be sensitive indicators
                                             of the prevailing
political breeze.

französische Rache           French revenge, a term once used for one or the other venereal disease, as archaic
English "French disease" (syphilis).  Compare "Montezuma's revenge" (dysentary).

 Bühensprache                       Language used on the stage, i.e., standard German, often called "High German."

Dichterfürst                              Prince of poets--some might not regard that as mockery, but Huck Finn's view of
                                                royalty:  "Take them all around, they're a mighty ornery lot. 
It's the way they're
," does match Goethe's explanation of his own prince's behavior:
                                               "Unfortunately it is just in their nature, and the frog is made for water, even if
                                               he can tarry a while on land"
(Leider sieht man daraus daß es in der tiefsten Natur
                                               steckt, und daß der Frosch fürs Wasser gemacht ist wenn er gleich auch eine Zeitlang
                                               sich auf der Erde befinden kan--WA Briefe 5, 74).

Immerhin . . . fein          In any case, whatever is foreign seems elegant.

was . . . gemein                      But anybody who is German, pucker up your lips.  Don't be common!