Portrait of the Queen 

Her Life

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Queen of Kings, The Lady of the Two Lands, the Goddess who loves her father, Isis

To J. W. Worthy, Professor

       Surely you concede the human mind to be incapable of grasping the world, or as you pronounce it, "time space." Your experience is a fleeting nothing that is / was / is-about-to-be.  Your memory (to be divinely generous to the life-long studies of a very few among you) casts flickering, deceptive twilight on--what?  A pyramid of a mere ten generations on a base of seven?  The wisest among you therefore personify the historical event, the experience, the momentary insight, and call it a great man, even sometimes a god or a goddess. 

       You let us presume this correspondence was to treat mortal memories, your attempt to preserve your selves in writing, but you--you, Professor Worthy--interrupted your own pretense with your personal venery.  The saint, Augustinus, feeling he had ample experience on this head, rushed in to console you with his own anti-venerian godlets.

       But you and the others proceed in most learned and abstruse masculinity (currying no favor with the goddess) at last to expatiate on "consciousness."  We ask you, what is it, who is it dominates your consciousness?  From her who is ever with you, always on your minds, you have nothing in writing, least of all in meaningful Egyptian hieroglyphs.  You call us by different names, Astarte, Isis, but even in your limited concept of rulers on earth, which is it among "historical" figures dominates your consciousness?

       Not, we think, what's his name there in Futhark-Land, not the murderous IMPERATORES around "their" sea.  Seek even among your silicon chips to find the answer.  We stoop to your argot to provide a hint:  what most ancient profession remains most lucrative on your "web"?

        In the hope that our sincerely dispensed blessings may indeed make you whole,

                                                                                             Isis/Aphrodite Thea

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