You may not think that you, dear Reader, live in the Dustbowl yourself.  Some find the dry air comforting.  Ask but the horned toad, compadre, how he likes his hot sand where he feasts on fat, red ants.  He will tell you everything seems perfectly comme il faut to him.  Have a glance, won't you, at the letters we receive from outside the Dust Bowl.  You may recognize yourself, like sweet Woody Guthrie, as one more Dustbowl Refugee.

            A sure feature of Dustbowl life are its thimbleriggers, the pettifoggers, the scientists--we call them all "Professor."  They have the facts.  That is what they call their well understood agreements about history, philosophy, religion.  Most everything at my web site has to do with the one or the other of those imponderables.  But I expect you have your own ideas.

             Please send your thoughts out to my little cemetery and ghost town between Rising Star and Duster.  Please favor me with your views in any way and form you find convenient.  I would like to display them, advertise them, and index them on this site.
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Most sincerely yours,

J. W. Worthy
Professor of moral philosophy
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Sipe Springs, Texas