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The Name

    It is pretty clearly an English name, and could go back to older English hagla, hagele, hagle, hail, for the ice that falls from the sky.  But it is more likely just one form of the common English stem ME hal, hale, an adjective meaning "entire," the adverbial form of which is hail, heil.  From this stem come the words hale, heal, health, healthy, whole, holy, the greeting hail, etc. During the 17th and 18th centuries no great importance attached to exact spelling, so that we get Haile, Hail, and Hale, although the family seems to prefer Haile.  The spelling without an i seems to originate with outsiders, or even Yankees (
as they put on Thomas Haile's grave at Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio).  I believe Maude Crowe may have started the quite erroneous spelling Heal(e), the capital H often being written with a flourish on the lower right such as can be taken for He.  This is almost certainly an error similar to mistaking the cursive long s (as in Tennessee) for an f (Tennefsee).


(ca. 1628/30-1671/2) m. Mary Travers.  This contemporary of Oliver Cromwell in England, of John Winthrop and Ann Hutchinson in Massachussets brought indentured servants from England to Virginia.
(1657-1729/30) m. Francis Garrett of a prominent family in Baltimore County, Md.  During his lifetime the Salem witch trials occurred, Black slavery was established in Virginia, the Spanish Armada defeated.  This Nicholas was a contemporary of Isaac Newton.
(1701/2-1752) m. Ann Long, was a religious enthusiast who left Baltimore for the frontier.  He experienced the South Sea Bubble abroad, the Great Awakening at home, was a contemporary of Sebastian Bach, Alexander Pope, Benjamin Franklin.
(1724-1818) m. Ruth Acre, settled the family in Tennessee, and returned it to Baltimore, where his sons joined Washington's army.  He was a contemporary of Daniel Boone, may have known about the flowering of European letters.
(1767-Spt. 1, 1813) m. Mary Stephensen, was the first to fall in an American war.
(1/21/1793-9/6/1867) m. Lockie Brown, established his family on the Cumberland River.  He was a contemporary of Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston, of James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving, James Emerson and Edgar Allen Poe.
Thomas Francis
(1/7/1816-2/9/1 Feb. 1865) m. Nancy Elizabeth Gipson, represents the success, maturation and catastrophe of agrarian America.  After his death in Federal prison, Elizabeth succeeded in maintaining some  prosperity among the surviving family, of whom many moved west to Arkansas and Texas.

Some Dates and other notes (presidencies in italics)
Family of Nicholas Haile (ca. 1628/30-1671/2, Crowe, pp. 2-5) m. Mary Travers: George, Mary m. Henry King 9 Spt. 1663, and Nicholas Jr.  See below for details.
 Family of Nicholas Jr. (1657-1729/30, Crowe , pp. 6-9) m. Francis Garrett: The will (Crowe, pp. 7-8) names seven surviving children: Nicholas, Mary (1702-1734, Crowe, p. 15), Hannah (b. 1706, Crowe, p. 15), Millisant (b. 1711, important details Crowe, p. 17), George (1712-1788)/91, Crowe, pp.18-21), Subbiner (Sabina? b. 1714, Crowe, p. 21), Ann (b. 1716, Crowe, pp. 21-3), Neale (b. 1718, Crowe, pp. 24-5).
Family of Nicholas III (2 Jan. 1701/2, Baltimore-1752, Bedford, Va.) m. Ann Long (25 Dec. 1823), who (1753 in Bedford) married Matthew Talbot:
Crowe prints wills of the children of Nicholas and Ann Long Haile, showing them to have been in comfortable circumstances. Nicholas (1724-1818, Crowe, p. 27), Susannah (b. 1727, Crowe, p.28), Mary (b, 1730, Crowe, p. 28), Ann (1732-1769, Crowe, p. 28), Shadrack (b. 1735, Crowe, p.29), Meschack (b. 1738, Crowe, p. 29), Abednego (b. 1741, Crowe, p. 30), and John (b. 1743, Crowe, p. 30). George Washington, 1732-1799; John Adams, 1735-1826; Th. Jefferson, 1743-1826
 Notes for Nicholas Hale III:
Nicholas Hale3 emigrated from Baltimore County to Augusta County, Virginia as early as 1748.  In 1749 he was a Justice of Lunenberg County, and when Halifax County was formed from Lunenberg in 1752 he was a Justice of that county.  They lived in the far western part of the county which later became Franklin and Bedford Counties.
  Talbot family legends hold that Matthew (I) Talbot and Nicholas Hale, III were business partners in Maryland before the two families moved to Virginia.
  Hale's Old Mill Creek which empties into the Staunton River, and Hale's Ford both take their names from this branch of the Hale family.  They owned much land on both sides of the Staunton River which now forms the border between Bedford and Franklin Counties.
 Family of Nicholas IV (2  Nov. 1724, Baltimore-1818 Washington, Tn) m. Ruth Acre (abt. 1745, Baltimore, Crowe, pp. 62-65) Richard in 1749, William in 1751, Elizabeth in 1753, Sarah in 1755, all in Bedford, but in "Rowan County North Carolina," were born Nathan in 1757, Amon in 1759, Nicholas in ca. 1762, while Joshua was born back in Baltimore in 1767, where he apparently grew up and was married to Mary Stephensen.  Sons Richard, Nathan and Amon enlisted in the Continental Army under Captain Joshua Stephenson back in Baltimore, and it may be that Nicholas's youngest son married the Captain's daughter.  But when Nicholas prepared his will in 1807, he had returned to Watauga.
Family of Joshua (1767-Spt. 1, 1813) m. Mary Stephensen (Crowe, p. 65) Rhoda b. abt. 1789, Ruth b. abt. 1791, Bethsheba (Crowe, p. 97) b. abt. 1792, Amon (21 Jan. 1793-6 Spt. 1867), Nathan, b. abt. 1795 (Crowe, p. 98), Joshua b. abt. 1799, Nancy b. abt. 1801, Mary b. abt. 1803, and Nicholas, (1805-1847 Crowe, p. 98) . James Madison, 1751-1836; James Munroe, 1758-1831; John Quincy Adams, 1767-1848; Andrew Jackson, 1867-1845; Martin Van Buren, 1782-1862; William Henry Harrison, 1743-1841.
Family of Amon (1/21/1793-9/6/1867) m. Lockie Brown (12 Dec. 1797-9 May 1875), daughter of Thomas Brown and Nancy Litton: Joshua (7/26/1814-11/10/1889) m. Mary Cox, Thomas (1/7/1816-2/7/1865), Margaret G. 7/10/1818-9/3/1906) m. John Wesley Ragland, Dudley B. (5/31/1820-6/5/1905) m. Julia Richmond, Nancy (2/7/1822-9/30/1902) m. Nicholas P. Haile (5-28-1817-9-17-1884), Jane b. 6/16/1823 m. Robert McLennon, Aletha (4/25/1825-2/17/1897) m. Bartlet Anderson Fox, (2/24/1827-1830), Sarah Ann b. 3/1/1829 m. Bill Craig, Letha R. b. 1/21/1831 m. Bill Fox, Amon G. (10/5/1832-1/27/1877) m. Cornelia Casada (Cannie) Carter, John (8/25/1835-1860) m. Mary Gailbreath, George W. (4/3/1837-1/27/60 in Washita Co. Ok), David F. (1839-1913) m. Mary McDonald, Julia Alcarene (12/8/1842-9/1/1868) m. William H. Darwin. For some of Amon and Lockie's grandchildren, see my papers. John Tyler, 1790-1862; James K. Polk, 1795-1849;  Zachery Taylor, 1784-1850; Millard Fillmore, 1800-1874; Franklin Pierce, 1804-1869; James Buchanan, 1791-1868.
Family of Thomas Francis (1/7/1816-2/9/1 Feb. 1865) m. Nancy Elizabeth Gipson (3/18/1818-5/30/1895): Joshua (10/4/1839-9/1/1899), Fayette (8/6/1841-10/28/1923), Nannie b. 10/9/1842 m. Tobe Hancock, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) b. 3/18/1914 m. Jim Watson, Molly (3/29/18/45-9/28/1924) m. Bluf Hancock, Thomas ("R. T." 4/3/1846-1931) m. Amanda Catherine Richards (4/24/1846-5/20/1929), Harriett (1/25/1848-3/30/1933) (12-10-1868) m. George Chapman Davison (8/11/1843-10/11/1907), an infant, an infant, George Gray (2/15/1852-a937) m. Mary Veach, Maggie (6/18/1854-1/5/1937) m. Wes Chilcutt, Charlie G. (2/13/1856-6/23/1928) m. Clara Counts, infant Leona, infant John Lilton, Jennie b. 12/6/1861 m. James K. Richmond.  Abraham Lincoln,  1809-1865; Andrew Johnson, 1808-1875;  Ulysses S. Grant, 1822-1885; Rutherford B. Hayes, 1822-1893; James A Garfield, 1831-1881; Chester Arthur, 1830-1886.
Family of  Thomas, "R. T." (3 April 1846-1931) m. Katherine Amanda Richards: Henry Isom b.15 Aug. 1868), Nancy Elizabeth . b. 2 Jan. 1870 m. A.J. Thompson, Evlis Lafayette (2 Dec. 1872-18 Dec. 1931) m. Laura Ann Kirk (13 Dec. 1876-5 July 1967), Art Thomas b. 2 Feb. 1876, Jesse Pearl (26 Aug. 1878-1 Aug. 1951) m. Webb Ruff, then m. Frank Kirk, W. Eddy (26 June 1880-)13 Nov. 1882, and an infant born and died on 20 Dec. 1884.  Grover Cleveland, 1837-1908; William McKinley, 1843-1901; Theodore Roosevelt, 1858-1919; Wm. Howard Taft, 1857-1930; Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1924; Calvin Coolidge, 1872-1933.
Family of John Wesley Goodson (1822-1876) m. Elizabeth Jane Rogers (1827-1884): Jimmy P. (13 March 1846-7 June 1921), Frank (d. 1911), Mary, Willis, Elizabeth (m. Charlie McClure), Thomas Watts (1856-1936, m. Molly McClure), Green Berry (m. Rosa Bell Ferqueron), Kathy. Homestead to 80.58 acres 20 May 1862 John Wesley Goodson, issued in Camden, Ark.
Family of Daniel W. McClure (25 May 1833-17 November 1864) m. Martha Crank (1836-1906): Mary Elizabeth (`7 Oct 1862-1938), ? (18 Dec. 1863-), Daniel (7 August 1865)
Family of Samuel Crank (1800-1854) m. (1823 ) Christiania née Colquitt ()Their oldest son, John (1824-1907), and four other children were born in Virginia, but their daughter Martha, (3 May 1835-1906) and four younger siblings were born in Georgia. By the late 1840's, the family had moved to Miller County.
Family of William McClure (b. S. Carolina 1796) m. (1819) Sarah Woodward also born around 1800, both William and Sarah still living acc. to. 1870 census: Elisha (b. abt. 1830), Daniel (1832-1861), Martha (b. abt. 1833), Mary (b. abt. 1834) and Dickemon (b. abt. 1840).

I have been considerate enough to leave the genealogically inclined plenty of blanks to fill in.

Revolutionary War pension records.

AMON HALE applied for his revolutionary pension on 17 Apr 1833, a resident of Washington County. He declared he was born in North Carolina on 16 Jun 1759, but when an infant was taken by his father to Baltimore County, Maryland. He entered the service in Baltimore County under Joshua Stephenson. He died in Washington County, Dec. 4, 1843. His widow, Mary Hale applied for pension while living in Washington County, 18 Dec 1843, and was then 79 years old. She was therefore born 1764. She died Jan. 29, 1849, leaving eight living children, two children having predeceased her The original Bible pages are enclosed in application showing that Amon Hale was born June 16, 1759, that the marriage took place Sept. 30, 1785, that their children were: Elizabeth, born 1786; Martha, born 1788; Jessie, born 1791; Macajah B., born 1793; Robert G., born 1795; Mary, born 1797; Joshua, born 1800: Prisse (the name begins clearly with P, the rest uncertain) born 1802; Amon C., born 1805; and Ruth, born 1807. (Rev War File No. W227) According to the 1835 Pension Rolls, Amon HALE was a private in the Maryland Militia, $40.00 Annual Allowance $120.00 Amount Received May 8 1833, Pension Started Age 75 (1835 TN Pension Roll)

NATHAN HALE applied for pension in Nov. 1832, a resident of Giles County, Tennessee. He declared that he was born in North Carolina in 1757 and when a child his father moved the family to Baltimore County, Maryland. He enlisted while he was residing in Baltimore County in Col. Joshua Stephenson's Maryland regiment. Richard Hale of Giles County desposed that he was in the Revolution, and Nathan Hale declared that his father moved after the Revolution to Washington County, Tennessee, and that Nathan later removed to Giles County. (Revolutionary War Pension file S4311, abstracted by Mrs. Sarah Smith). According to the 1835 Pension Roll, Nathan HALE, Giles County, Tennessee, had been a Private with the Maryland Line, $20.00 Annual Allowance, $60.00 Amount Rec'd, Jan 9, 1834 Pension Started, Age 77. (Revolutionary War Pension file S4311, abstracted by Mrs. Sarah Smith) Neither he nor Richard are found on the 1840 Giles Census. See also Giles County and the Revolutionary War.

NOTES (placed on the internet by an unknown genealogist) on Nicholas Hale:

Lancaster County Virginia Record Book #2 1654-1666, p. 85
Power of Atty Nich Haile of the County of York in Virginia, planter, to Tho. Roots of Virginia, surgeon.  Dated 16th May 1654.  Wit: John Richards, Fra. Butler.  Recorded 10 June 1654.              
                              Signed: Nich (NH) Haile
Lancaster County Virginia Record Book #2 1654-1666, p. 86
Bill of sale, Nicho Haile of York Co. to Tho Roots of the County of Lancr, Chirurgeon, cattle and hogs.  Wit: Fra Butler, John Richards.  Rec 10 June 1654.
                    The marke N. H. of
                    Nicho Haile
In 1655 he moved to Lancaster County where he remained until at least 1666 and acquired land both through purchase and patent.
Lancaster County Virginia Record Book #2 1654-1666, p. 21
Deed. Enoch Hawker of Lanc. Co. to Nicholas Haile of same Co., planter, 500 a being 1/2 of 1000 a patented by sd Hawkins (sic) and Anthony Davy.  Dated 6 Feb 1655/6.  Wit: Willm White, Tho Hardenge.  Ack 6th Feb 1655/5.  Rec 3rd Mar 1655/6
Lancaster County Virginia Record Book #2 1654-1666, p. 224
Wm. Wroughton of Corotoman in Co. of Lanc., having formerly leased to Nicholas Hale and Robert Pollard, land, etc., extends lease ten years from New Years day next.  (This is a long and complicated legal instrument.)  Dated 18th July 1661.  Wit: Hen Ward, Will Thomas.             
                  Signed  Will Wroughton
                                Nich Hale
                                Robt. Pollard     
William Wroughton acks receipt of two servants according to above lease. 
Dated 10th Oct 1661.  Wit: John Fletcher, Tho Daniel.  Recorded 1st Jan 1661/2
Nicholas Hale filed patents on two tracts in Lancaster County, one in 1657, 360 acres on the Corotoman River and one in 1666, 234 acres also on the Corotoman.
In 1758, Nicholas Hale was among those assessed 50 pounds of tobacco for their share of the minister's compensation.  "Court at James City order to pay David Linsey 50 pounds tobacco. . . in satisfaction for his ministry among them . . . Nich Hales.  Court 27 May 1758."
On two occasions he was issued certificates for the transportation of people into Virginia.  These certificates could be exchanged for land - 50 acres for each person.  In 1662 he received a certificate for 5 persons, including himself. In 1666 he received another one for the transportation of 7 persons.  The transportation could be for people entering Virginia for the
first time or for those returning from a trip abroad.
p. 182.  Certificate to Nich. Hale for the transportation of himself, Mary Croftes, Thomas Smyth, Thomas Pitts, Will ffowes. John Sheny, George Hancock, Mathew Toogood, Obin Sharkes, Anne Tice, and Rebecca Bateman.  Court May 14, 1662.
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a, p. 4
Certificate to Nicholas Hale for trans of Charles fforbody, Mary Watts, hum: Clerke, George Bayley, Will Paine, John Light, & Anne Barber.  Court 9 May 1666.   
The 1662 certificate may have been for a business trip to England as he seems to have had some contact with merchants there, and on at least one occasion was authorized to act in their behalf.
Lancaster County Deed BK 4, p. 60.
Thomas Gayner of Bristoll Merchant, Power of Attorney to Mr. Nich Hale to Collect debts in Lan. Co.  4 May 1666.
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a p. 55.  Court Jan 1667/8. 
Before Robert Pollard dec'd went to England he committed his son Robert Pollard to
the tuition of Nich. hale & debts vs. Pollard's est.
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a.  p. 95.  13 Jan 1668/9.  Nicholas Hale layed in the stocks for "Uncivil language and deportment to several of the Justices."
Sometime before November 8, 1671, Nicholas Hale died.  His wife Mary was named administratrix. 
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a p. 203.  8 Nov 1671.
A difference between Mr. Robert Beckingham and Elizabeth is wife Adm to Mr. Ra: Travers
vs. Mary Hale adm. to the Est of Nicholas Hale her husband, decd. 
Then between November 1671 and March 1672, Mary also died and her son George was  named Administrator of her estate.
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a p. 219
Com. of Adm. on Est. of Mary Hale widd, dec'd to George Hale her Sonne and an Inv. to be exhibited.  13 Mar 1671/2

NOTES (as above) on Nicholas Jr.:

Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a p. 241.  13 Nov 1672.
Henry King married Mary daughter of Nicholas Hale, & George Hale Adm of Mary Hale who
was the admx of Nich. Hale decd is to give 1/3 of 2/3 part of the Est of Nich Hale decd and 1/3 pt of the Est of Mary Hale dect and deliver to her.
Lancaster County Court Record BK 3a p. 302.  9 December 1674. 
Nicholas Hale is gone away from his brother George hale to his brother-in-law Henry
King and Estate to go to the sd. King.
10 Feb 1674/5, Lancaster Co., Va; Nicholas Hale, sonne of Nicholas Hale, deced, appeareing att this Cort and petitioning or the chooseing of Henrey King for his Guardian and this Cort findeing hym of sufficient age soe to doe, have ordered and appointed the sde King for his Guardian.  (Sparacio, Lancaster Co., Orders 1666-1680, page 21)
13 Dec 1675, Lancaster Co., Va., Private Court at the request of Mary King.  Com. of Adm. on the est. of Henry King, dec.d, to Mary King widdow & relict of sd. Henry King, and Inv. to be Exhb. (Duvall, VCA, Vol II. p. 81).

Also from the internet:

1 Nicholas Haile IV b: November 02, 1724 in Hailes Fellowship, Baltimore
Co., Marylandd: Abt. July 1818 in Washington Co., Tennessee
.+Ruth Acre b: Abt. 1725 in Baltimore Co., Maryland m: 1740-1745 in
Baltimore Co., Maryland d: 1807 in Washington Co., Tennessee Father: Simon
AcreMother: Mary Smith
......2 [1] Elizabeth Hale b: January 21, 1745/46 in Bedford Co.,
..........+William Cage b: in Sullivan Co., Tennessee m: 1779 in Sullivan
Co., Tennesseed: Aft. May 15, 1810
......*2nd Husband of [1] Elizabeth Hale:
..........+Edward C. Stephenson m: in Baltimore Co., Maryland
......2 Richard Hale b: September 08, 1749 in Bedford Co., Virginiad: in
Giles Co., Tennessee
..........+Ann ??? b: in Lovely Lane Vicinity, Baltimore Co., Maryland
buried: Lovely Lane, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore Co.,
......2 Sarah Hale b: Abt. 1755 d: in Eastern Tennessee
..........+George Gray m: 1776 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
......2 Nathan Hale b: 1757 in Rowan Co., North Carolina d: in Giles Co.,
......2 William Hale b: February 02, 1759 in Bedford Co., Virginia d: June
29, 1822 in Sumner Co., Tennessee
..........+Pricilla Cage b: September 22, 1768 in North Carolina m: April
25, 1787 in Sullivan Co., Tennessee d: June 06, 1849 in Sumner Co., Tennessee
......2 Amon Haile b: June 16, 1759 in Rowan Co., North Carolina d:
December 04, 1843 in Washington Co., Tennessee
..........+Mary Haile b: 1763 in Washington Co., Tennesseem: September 30,
1785 in Washington Co., Tennessee d: January 29, 1849 in Jonesboro, Washington
Co., TennesseeFather: Abednego Hale Mother: Joanne Smith
......2 Nicholas Haile Vb: 1760-1762 in Baltimore Co., Maryland d: Bef.
1794 in Washington Co., Tennessee
..........+Jemima Lane b: in MarylandFather: Richard Lane Mother: Sarah
......2 [2] Ruth Haile b: November 1762 in Baltimore Co., Maryland d:
April 03, 1832
..........+Abednego Haileb: Abt. 1745 in Haile's Fellowship, Baltimore Co.,
Marylandm: September 17, 1785 d: 1801 Father: George HaileMother: Elizabeth
......*2nd Husband of [2] Ruth Haile:
..........+George Kincheloe m: April 27, 1814
......2 Joshua Thomas Haile b: 1767 in Baltimore Co., Maryland d: September
01, 1813 in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio
..........+Mary Stephenson b: 1767 m: 1787 in Maryland d: 1811 in Washington
Co., Tennessee

Obviously Richard was not the son of Nicholas Hale and Ann Long. I have
Nicholas Hale and Ann Longs family as follows:

Descendants of Nicholas Haile III

1 Nicholas Haile III b: January 02, 1701/02 in Hailes Fellowship,
Baltimore Co., Maryland d: 1748-1749 in Lunenburg, Virginia
.+Ann Long m: December 25, 1723 in St. Pauls Parish. Baltimore Co.,
MarylandFather: Thomas LongMother: Jane ???
......2 Nicholas Haile IV b: November 02, 1724 in Hailes Fellowship,
Baltimore Co., Maryland d: Abt. July 1818 in Washington Co., Tennessee
..........+Ruth Acre b: Abt. 1725 in Baltimore Co., Maryland m: 1740-1745 in
Baltimore Co., Maryland d: 1807 in Washington Co., Tennessee Father: Simon
AcreMother: Mary Smith
......2 Susannah Haile b: December 07, 1727 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
..........+??? Green
......2 Mary Haile b: July 07, 1730 in Bedford Co., Virginia d: 1785 in
Watuaja Region
..........+Mathew Talbot, Jr.m: in Bedford Co., Virginia
......2 Ann Hale b: December 20, 1732 in Baltimore Co., Marylandd: July
22, 1769 in Bedford Co., Virginia buried: Royal Forest, Bedford Co.,
..........+William Meadeb: October 10, 1728 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania m:
October 10, 1750 in Bucks Co., PennsylvaniaFather: John MeadeMother: Mary
......2 Shadrack Hale b: September 07, 1735 in St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore
Co., Marylandd: 1809-1812
..........+Mary ???
......2 Meshack Hale b: August 19, 1738 in St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore Co.,
Marylandd: Aft. 1813 in Davidson co., Tennessee
..........+Catherine Gibson m: Bef. 1763 in Bedford Co., VirginiaFather:
James Gibson
......2 Abednego Hale b: August 12, 1741 in St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore
Co., Maryland
..........+Joanne Smithm: in Bedford Co., Virginia Father: Guy Smith
Mother: Anne ???
......2 John Haile b: September 13, 1743 in St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore
Co., Maryland

McClure records supplied by John Crank:

FROM KIM WOODS 7/17/2001 email

Descendants of William McClure

Generation No. 1

    1.  William1 McClure was born 6 June 1796 in South Carolina, and died 20 February 1874.  He married Sarah Susan Woodard 24 November 1819 in Clarke County, Alabama, daughter of Charles Woodard and Rebecca.  She was born 5 February 1797 in South Carolina, and died 5 July 1871 in Texas.

1830 US Census
Wilcox County, Southern District, Alabama
McClure, William
    Males:    Under 5        One (1)
            10 and under 15    One (1)
            30 and under 40    One (1)
    Females:    Under 5        One (1)
            5 and under 10    One (1)
            30 and under 40    One (1)

1840 US Census
Clarke County, Southern District, Alabama
McClure,    William
    Males:    Under 5        One (1)
            5 and under 10    Two (2)
            10 and under 15    One (1)
            20 and under 30    One (1)
            40 and under 50    One (1)
    Females:    Under 5        One (1)
            10 and under 15    Two (2)
            40 and under 50    One (1)

1850 US Census
Clarke Township, Lafayette County, Arkansas
28 November 1850
227/227    McClure    William        53    M    Farmer    Unknown
            Sarah        50    F        Unknown
            Elisha        20    M    Farmer    Unknown
            Danial        18    M        Unknown
            Martha A.    17    F        Unknown
            Mary        16    F        Unknown
            Richard        12    M        Unknown
            Dickinson    10    M        Unknown       

1860 US Census
Alabama Township, Columbia County, Arkansas
25 August 1860
McClure    William    64    M    farmer    b SC
        Sarah S    60    F        b SC
        W D    19    M        b AL

1870 US Census
Center Post Office
Shelby County, Texas
142/142    McClure,    William        74    M    W    Farmer    600    450    b SL
                William D.    30    M    W    Farmer            b AL
                Annie        20    F    W    Keeps House        b AL
                Sarah        73    F    W    At Home        b SC
        Crank,        William G.    15    M    W    At Home        b AR
                Robert H.    7    M    W    At Home        b AR
        McClure,    E.        1    M    W                b AR

William D. McClure is Dickinson.

Children of William McClure and Sarah Woodard are:
    2    i.    James M.2 McClure, born 26 September 1820; died 20 July 1890.  He married Delila E. A. Hearon 3 July 1842 in Clarke County, Alabama; born 2 July 1818; died 15 December 1878.  Both are buried in Falcon Cemetery, Arkansas

    3    ii.    William B. McClure, born 6 January 1823; died 8 October 1827 in Alabama.

    4    iii.    Jane T. McClure, born 1 October 1824; died 8 May 1887.  She married Robert T. Hearon 28 December 1845 in Clarke County, Alabama; born 1 October 1822; died September 1889.  Both are buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas

    5    iv.    John S. McClure, born 31 August 1826.  He married Nancy F..

1860 US Census
Mobile County, Alabama
McClure,    John S.            33    M    2000    b AL
    Nancy F.        27    F        b AL
        (N) or (M)erstella    8    M        b GA
    John            4    M        b GA
Ione Easterling shows he married T. J. Moon

    6    v.    Martha Ann McClure, born 26 November 1829; died 23 August 1865.  She married Robert H. Crank 3 March 1853 in Arkansas; born 1 June 1831.

1860 US Census
Columbia County, Arkansas
Crank,    Robert H.
    Martha A.        F    24    b GA
    Anis H.
    W. S.

+    7    vi.    Elisha T. McClure, born 19 January 1831; died 14 January 1865.

+    8    vii.    Daniel W. McClure, born 25 May 1833; died 17 November 1864.

    9    viii.    Mary E. McClure, born 10 September 1836.  She married John S. Wright 30 October 1856.

1860 US Census
Columbia County, Arkansas
Listed as “Right” with two sons.  They are next door to William and Sarah.

1880 US Census
Shelby County, Texas
Listed with nine children, youngest 3 months, oldest 21 years.

    10    ix.    Richard A. McClure, born 30 December 1837; died 7 March 1862.

1860 US Census
Columbia County, Arkansas
Listed with James' family.

+    11    x.    William Dickson McClure, born 3 September 1840 in Alabama; died 12 August 1900.

Generation No. 2

    7.  Elisha T.2 McClure (William1) was born 19 January 1831, and died 14 January 1865.  He married Mary W Crank 2 January 1851 in Lafayette County, Arkansas, daughter of Samuel Crank and Christiana Colquitte.  She was born 28 October 1829.

1860 US Census
Harrison Township, Columbia County, Arkansas
13 June 1860
McClure,    Elisha    35    M    Miller    AL
            Mary    28    F        GA
            Leonora    10    F        AR
            Robert    8    M        AR
            Capers    6    M        AR
            Jane    4    F        AR
            Martha    2    F        AR
(next door to Crank family)

1880 US Census
Garland Township, Miller County, Arkansas
McClure,    Mary    52    VA
            Mattie    21    AR
            Charley    19    AR

Marriage Notes for Elisha McClure and Mary Crank: Hempstead County marriage book I page 27:  Elisha F. McClure of Hempstead County to Mary Crank, 2 January 1851 by I. M. Stevenson.
Children of Elisha McClure and Mary Crank are:
    12    i.    Leonora3 McClure, born Abt. 1850.
+    13    ii.    Robert S. McClure, born 15 January 1853 in Arkansas; died 19 April 1920 in Miller County, Arkansas.
+    14    iii.    William Capers McClure, born 30 November 1854 in Arkansas; died 23 October 1926 in Miller County, Arkansas.
    15    iv.    Jane McClure, born Abt. 1856.
    16    v.    Martha McClure, born Abt. 1858 in Arkansas.
+    17    vi.    Charles W. McClure, born Abt. 1860 in Arkansas.

    8.  Daniel W.2 McClure (William1) was born 25 May 1833, and died 17 November 1864.  He married Martha E. Crank1 2 March 1862 in possible date - needs confirming, daughter of Samuel Crank and Christiana Colquitte.  She was born 3 May 1835 in Georgia, and died 18 July 1906 in Miller County, Arkansas.

1860 US Census
Shelby County, Texas
Beat Number 7, Beunavista P. O.
21 July 1860
Stephens,    John    69    M    Farmer        b AL
            H. G.    57    F            b AL
            A. L.    25    M    Farm Labor    b TN
            J. R.    17    M    Farm Labor    b TN
McClure,    D. W.    27    M    Merchant        b AL
Hughes,        A. F.    28    M    Merchant Clerk    b TN

This may be our Daniel McClure.  I do not know for sure.  He married and his first child, Mary, was born in 1861.  On the 1870 census, his wife was alone with the children, so I assume he died sometime after Daniel was born in 1865 and prior to the 1870 census.

Daniel W. McClure    Age 28 years
Private    Captain A M Truitt's Company
        Randall's Regiment, Texas Lancers
Appears on company muster rolls:    card #50376525 slated:    Shelbyville, Texas, April 12, 1862
Joined for duty and enrolled
when:        April 2, 1862
where:        Beuna Vista, Shelby County, Texas
by whom:    A M Truitt
period:        3 years or war
# miles to rendezvous:    55
value of horse:    $100    Value of equipment:    $100

Appears on company muster rolls:
Card #50376605    April 12 - June 27, 1862        Absent or Present:    Not Stated
Card #50376691    May and June 1863        Absent on sick furlough in Texas
        Last paid by J R Scales, April 30, 1863
Card #50376763    July and August 1863        Absent on sick furlough in Texas
        Last paid by J R Scales, April 30, 1863
Card #50376831    January and February 1864    Absent in Texas, hip joint out of place
        Last paid by J R Scales, April 30, 1863
Card #50380698    November 1862            Absent, sick

1870 US Census
Lafayette County, Arkansas
Beach Township, Rondo
June 25, 1870
McClure,    Martha    30    F    Keeping house    GA
            Mary    9    F            TX
            Henry    7    M            TX
            Daniel    5    M            TX
Bradford,    A. C.    75    M    Farmer        GA

Martha E. Crank buried in Holly Springs Cemetery, Miller County, Arkansas
Children of Daniel McClure and Martha Crank are:
+    18    i.    Mary Elizabeth3 McClure, born 17 October 1862 in Texas; died 1938.
    19    ii.    Richard Henry McClure, born 18 December 1863 in Texas.
+    20    iii.    Daniel Wesley McClure, Jr., born 7 August 1865 in Texas; died 1921 in Miller County, Arkansas.

    11.  William Dickson2 McClure (William1) was born 3 September 1840 in Alabama, and died 12 August 1900.  He married (1) Cornelia.    He married (2) Harriet R,. Farris 4 May 1865.    He married (3) Annie Tyson 29 January 1868 in Columbia County, Arkansas, daughter of Jason Tyson and Edney Walding.  She was born 7 June 1849 in Alabama, and died 28 March 1889 in Nevada County, Arkansas.

1870 US Census
Shelby County, Texas
Listed in household of William and Sarah.

1880 US Census
Shelby County, Texas
Listed as W. D. McClure with Annie and five oldest children

1900 US Census
Nevada County, Arkansas
McClure,    Dickson   
            Cornelia    (3rd wife)
            Bula    M    13    b TX    (youngest son)

Annie Tyson: buried near Willisville, Nevada County, Arkansas

William McClure and Annie Tyson: Columbia County marriage record C (16 October 1866 through 5 April 1875)  

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